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4 Outstanding Black Women And Their Brands

Black women have been known to excel exceptionally in several fields today. Here are couple of outstanding black brands owned and managed by Black women.

1.Marshay Clarke


Marshay is the Founder and CEO of Buzzoms, a clothing line tailored to women with D+ breasts. All clothes were designed to be trendy, useful for everyday wear, and supportive of women's boobs while honoring their curves. Buzzoms is more than dresses and tops for curvy women. Buzzoms is the start of a braless revolution for full-chested women of all sizes.

2. Oluremi Martins

Just like many Natural Queens, she never seemed to get the perfect twist out or many beautiful styles she wanted to try with her hair no matter how many times she watched her “ fave gurus” on Youtube. She founded Natural Girl Wigs, the first Afrocentric unit with the help of my hairstylist.

The Wigs are made by local black hairstylists in Lagos and Texas. 

3. Ruth Nakaar

  Ruth Nakaar

Is the founder of Fudena. Growing up as a first-generation Ghanaian American, the food and culture of her parents’ native country Ghana played an integral role in her upbringing. Fudena aims to become America’s first chain of fast-casual West African restaurants. At Fudena, you can customize your bowls full of familiar grains, veggies, proteins, and stews while still getting a taste of West Africa.  

4. Yinka Taiwo-Peters 

Presenting our very own YTPshop, an African-inspired clothing brand designed by Nigerian-born and USA-based Yinka Taiwo-Peters. This is our brand of course and it celebrates the authentic African experience and adorns confident women with bold aesthetics and colors.

With teams in North America and Africa, all YTPshop products are ethically handmade by female artisans in Nigeria, the prints are authentically sourced from West African markets, and products are shipped from the USA. YTPshop has been featured in several publications and fashion shows across the world.



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Author: Abi 

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