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Nollywood and African Fashion in 2021

The impact of Nollywood in the African fashion industry can not be underemphasized. The early Nollywood stars dominated fashion with their unique styles in the mid 90’s and early ’20s. 

Famous Hollywood stars in their prime 

The Resurgence in 2021

It all began when an Instagram account @nolly.babes consistently reminded the world of the preceding style of fashion. It spread like wildfire. People saw the need to return to retro sunglasses, red lipsticks, mini skirts, pleated skirts, and of course, the glossy bubble gum lipstick. 

The Present

Fashion brands in trying to preserve African traditions and culture have made a blend with the Nollywood themes, African themes, and modern fashion.  

Rita Dominic in early 2000 and YTP babe

Retro shades on Rita Dominic in early 2000 and on a YTPbabe in 2021


While most people brought back the exact same fashion such as the retro shades, others decided to use it as an inspiration to bigger designs. 

Head wraps on Genevieve Nnaji in early 2000 and on a YTP babe in 2021 

The Nollywood era had and still has a strong effect in the African fashion scene today. 

What was your favourite part about this era? 


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Author: Abi

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