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The MVPs of YTPshop: Our Artisans

This post is a tribute to the artisans who work behind the scene. Our YTPshop production process is simple but also cuts across two countries: The U.S. and Nigeria. Yinka designs all products in the U.S. and the YTPshop team sources the fabric from the open-air textile markets in Nigeria. Then, the YTPshop network of independent female artisans handcraft the products with love in Nigeria.

   Grace, one of our artisans, and Yinka, YTPshop founder  


Ankara, a common type of African Print

YTPshop Craftsmen:

Our YTPshop artisans are skilled with years of experience in garment production. This experience has been passed from generation to generation and meet the international standard for garment production. Our female artisans depend on the earnings made from YTPshop to support their families in Nigeria.

Nigeria is plagued with poverty and is in need of economic empowerment. At YTPshop, we empower our artisans by paying fair wages and it is our pride to show the creativity of our female artisans with the world. 


Grace in action

Artisan spotlight: 

Meet Grace, one of our first YTPshop artisans. She has been with YTPshop since 2017. She is based in Abuja and hopes to have a large fashion empire someday. Today, she mentors several fashion apprentices and makes YTPshop pieces with love.

Spotlight on Grace

 The most recently product from the artisans is the Zamunda dress with a complementary headwrap to match. The essence of this dress is to bring a piece of the motherland wherever you may be and to also tell Yinka's coming to America story. we look forward to more designs from them, we know you do too.

              Zamunda Dress



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