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Top 4 Styling Tips

Getting dressed seems like an easy task but most times we spend time analysing, planning and overthinking what to pair. 

Here are a few styling tips just for you. 

1. Dresses

African print dresses can be pulled off with minimal effort. The styling is in the bags and shoes paired with the dress. 

2. Tops with pants 

African print tops can be paired with high waist pants to give a stylish look . It can be paired on a casual day with sneakers or heels and a small purse. This combination works for both crop tops and normal tops. 

3. Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are known for comfort and style. It is even more attractive when it has pockets. The maxi dress can be paired with a fitted top either long sleeve or short sleeve.

4. Fascinators 

A fascinator can be paired with a dress or a top to give a dramatic effect. It is a classic and stylish fit.



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Author: Abi

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