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What you need to know about African Prints

African art and prints are not only used to represent African culture, they also depict the mood of the African people at different occasions. 

You might be familiar with African prints but here are a few things you should know.

  1. No country in Africa has the copyright to these prints. The origin of African prints is complex that no African country can claim rights to the history of African prints.
  2. The first set of African prints were manufactured by the Dutch. The prints were manufactured specifically for the Indonesian market.
  3. A popular type of African print is called Ankara, also known as Real English Wax or Dutch Wax Print. Other types of African prints are African cotton and Silk prints.
  4. As Ankara prints got more prominence, Chinese manufacturers also noticed the rise of African Prints and started manufacturing Ankara fabric for sales primarily in sub-saharan Africa

YTPshop has Ankara prints both in wax and silk, which offer different textures. The wax print is 100% cotton. For example, the Petals print is made out of wax. 

Petals fascinator and a custom made YTPshop dress that YTP wore to wedding recently


On the other hand, the Ankara silk print is soft and falls gently on the skin. Check out the Funmi and Wemmy dress for examples of Ankara silk prints.


 You learn more about African prints and the source of the information above here

I went on a visit to the motherland, Nigeria, one of the countries producing African prints. Read about my experience here

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