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How my mom inspired our bestselling product, the Funmi Dress

Our Funmi dress is the bestseller and we've looked for reasons why this dress has the most love from people. It keeps coming down to the fact that the dress was named after my mother. Before I tell you more about this dress, I need to tell you who my mother is.  My mother is the one who gave me the mental and moral support to start this brand, when I had only $200 and no formal fashion training back in 2007. Her name is Funmi...

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5 Ways to Dress and Style African Print Clothing

The fashion world is already giving due attention to African prints. African prints are making hits in the mainstream media, from runways to international appearances, African prints are coming out on top.  One of the most popular prints, the Ankara print has transitioned into unique ready-to-wear globally and internationally. This is a huge win for African fashion.

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How to Wash and Care for Your African Print Clothing

Now you have you African print clothing, how do you maintain it to make sure it lasts for many years? At YTPshop, our clothing has can last for years when properly maintained. In some cultures, people pass on their garments or prints from generation to generation. Getting the African print is the easy part, the major deal comes with the maintenance . Good quality African prints can last you for years if properly maintained.  Here is how to care for your African prints.

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