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It is our 4th birthday, celebrating with a giveaway!

Four years already? We did it Joe!! It has been a rollercoaster of growth, learning and unlearning each day. Allow me to blow my trumpet a bit, but I am proud of how far I have come. Of course, it won’t have been possible without you YTPfam in my corner. You are the real MVP’s.   To show gratitude, there will be a giveaway, starting tomorrow. Stay glued to our Instagram and turn on to our post notification, so you'd be the first to know when the  Here are some milestones over the past 4 years In 2017, I found the first YTPshop artisan in Nigeria and sold out our very first product. It truly was a memorable year. This was...

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5 Spring fashion trends with African Prints in 2021

As we are bidding goodbye (we hope!) to the chilly weather, we are saying hello to the warmth. The real question, is your wardrobe ready for spring? Here are a few Spring outfit ideas to spice up your wardrobe with African sunshine.  1. Brighten up your outfits Playing around with colourful patterns to brighten up your skin. Show the colours, don’t hide them. African prints have been known to have bright colours for as long as anyone can remember.   2. Try on New Headwraps  Headwraps are year-round to be honest now in season and will be in season for a very long time. You can style your headwraps in creative ways while looking chic this Spring. Headwraps with African...

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[New Dress] Greetings from Zamunda, an ode to Coming To America

Hello your majesty,  Like King Akeem in the movie “Coming to America”, I have travelled far and wide from our home country in search of a lost treasure in the U.S.  I have searched all high and low of Queens just to bring to you The Zamunda dress with a complementary headwrap. Shop Now Let me give you a little back story  As a Nigerian immigrant, Coming to America reminds me a little of my history. I left Nigeria for college in the U.S. with nothing but a dream. Over the years, I have made magic and I worked hard to show the world what I was capable of achieving.  My first fashion collection was designed in my college room and...

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Hello world, Welcome to YTPshop

Welcome to our blog! As a descendant of the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, it is customary to welcome people whenever you meet them.  YTPshop is a contemporary African-inspired fashion brand for women and is designed by Yinka Taiwo-Peters, a Nigerian immigrant in the U.S.   

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