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2022 Spring Fashion Trends

Spring is going to be an interesting season for mainstream and African fashion. Several predictions are going up based on the trends from last year's spring. 

Here are spring trends we look forward to.

1. Jumpsuits 

People will lean towards wearing more jumpsuits this spring. Not just jumpsuits, but African inspired Jumpsuits due to the lightness of the fabric, comfort and style. 

2. Off Shoulder Tops 

It became a trend towards the end of 2021 and doesn't look like it will be left behind in 2021. 

3. Headwraps 

Trendy all year round which is why most people decide to wear it as a headpiece. It is a trend that keeps coming back regardless of the year, period or season. 

Bukky African Print Headwrap 


4. Kimonos 

In 2022, we expect to see more kimonos, micro jackets that signal we are officially out of hiding. 


Which of the 2022 spring fashion trends are you looking forward to? 



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Author: Abi

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