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3 Natural Hair Styles to Pair with African Prints

Natural hair is incredibly versatile and beautiful. Regardless of how you style your hair, it has a way of blending with your clothes, especially African prints. You can either style your natural hair or use natural hair wigs. 

1. The Bun 

Styling the Bun with the Wemmy dress

You can put your hair in a bun and blend ut with a headwrap. It gives a natural curl and looks.

2. Afro 

Afro with the Petals print background. This is an  Artwork by @kunle_paints
You can leave your hair in a fro. To give an extra edge, you can give your hair highlights of a different colour. 

 Tinted Afro with the Abi dress 

3. Twist Locks

Loose twist locks with the Funmi maxi dress 


Leaving your hair in a twist will make it extra curly. You can decide to rock it with the twist or after removing the twist. 


What is your favorite way to style your natural hair? 



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Author: Abi

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