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5 Spring fashion trends with African Prints in 2021

As we are bidding goodbye (we hope!) to the chilly weather, we are saying hello to the warmth. The real question, is your wardrobe ready for spring?

Here are a few Spring outfit ideas to spice up your wardrobe with African sunshine. 

1. Brighten up your outfits

Playing around with colourful patterns to brighten up your skin. Show the colours, don’t hide them. African prints have been known to have bright colours for as long as anyone can remember.


2. Try on New Headwraps 

Headwraps are year-round to be honest now in season and will be in season for a very long time. You can style your headwraps in creative ways while looking chic this Spring. Headwraps with African prints can practically match almost anything. 


3. Wear Light Fabrics 

My go-to choice for light fabric will always be African prints especially Ankara Silk, Spring is only going to get warmer. You want to be as comfortable as possible.  You might want to check out the Playa jumpsuit. It is a light, chic and stylish Ankara silk print perfect for any occasion.

4. Rock a Maxi Skirt 

A Maxi skirt is perfect for both winter and spring. You can pair it with light or thick clothes, it never goes out of style You can practically rock it everywhere. 

 5. Bring out your Off Shoulder Tops 

Comfortable, convenient and stylish, off shoulder tops are a must-have all season. You can pair them with Jeans, skirts and even jackets.

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