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African Holiday Gift Ideas

Once again, it's that time of year! The holidays are in full swing, and finding the perfect present may be a challenge. We've narrowed it down to our top four gift choices because there are so many options out there. 

Everyone on your list deserves a special holiday present this year, regardless of your budget. 


1. Headscarfs 

Headscarfs can also double as a decor. It offers a variety styles and luckily, colorful headscarfs can be worn all through the year. 

Bukky head wrap

Get the Bukky head wrap 

2. African Inspired Jewellery  

Jewellery especially African inspired jewellery is a trendy gift that never go out of style. You can shop for handcrafted jewelries from Starilized. Your gift will stand out without overdoing it with these tribal-inspired, handcrafted items that aren't over the top. 


3. African Inspired clothings 

At YTPshop, you can select a several African inspired clothings from maxi dresses, skirts and even head wraps to wear and gift out this holiday season 

YTPshop is an African-inspired clothing brand. The brand celebrates the authentic African experience and adorns confident women with bold aesthetics and colors.


Get a Vara dress 

4. Food 

Try something new this holiday season, other from the usual gift, you can gift food. 

Fudena seeks to become the first fast-casual West African restaurant chain in the United States. Whether you're looking for a taste of West Africa or a familiar grain bowl, Fudena is the place to go.

You can also read more about the founders of the brands here to learn their stories. 

 5. A Gift Card 

Not knowing what to gift? Try a gift card. With a gift card, you have variety of options. That way, the person you are gifting can select any item they fancy from the store. 

Gift card

Get a gift card 


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