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African-Inspired Maternity Outfit Ideas And Inspiration

Hello fashionista and yummy mummies. There are several African fashion styles you can wear to complement your cute baby bump. During this magical period, you can still look stylish and slay like the queen that you are. Some ideas below 

A Flowy Maxi Dress

A YTPmom slaying her Funmi maxi dress during her baby shower 
 The YTPmom with her babygirl matching in our Funmi print. Mom is wearing the Funmi maxi dress. The daughter is wearing the Funmi top but converted into a dress for her. It is suitable and comfortable for all sizes. 

Petals Wrap Peplum Blazer 

YTPmom slaying and looking comfy in the Petals wrap peplum blazer

This design makes the blazer's waist size flexible in width. Expecting moms can also wear it during the pregnancy and after


Colorful headwraps never go out of style. A stylish headwrap can enhance the face. 

Yummy YTPmom with the Wemmy headwrap 

Which is your favorite maternity style? Don't be a stranger in the comment section. 


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Author: Abi

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