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African Summer 2021 Fashion Trends and Outfit Ideas

Finally, summer 2021 is here. As we all know, last year's summer was spent indoors due to the pandemic but this summer, we are finally free to go outside. Trying to spice up your Summer looks? Here are a few trendy outfit ideas for you to wear. 

1. Sleeveless and off the shoulder:

Off the shoulder and sleeveless clothes have always a go to summer classic and will never go out of style. They are perfect for summer because you'd need constant air flow into your body due to how hot the weather gets during this time of the year. 

2. Kimonos:

Kimonos have always been a go to summer choice for most people. This is because of it's comfy and stylish appearance. Another advantage of this kimono is it can be combined with other clothes. 

Blaze kimono jacket  

3. Loose fitting clothes:
Comfy and loose fitting clothes during summer gives your body room to breathe. Clothes like this cause less irritation to the skin and makes general body movement easier. 


4. Soft fabrics: 

Light texture fabrics are trendy and stylish this summer. This is because the texture of the clothes, especially the silk cotton helps to absorb sun rays and makes you as comfortable as possible. 

5. Short dresses:

Summer is the perfect season to bring out mini dresses, and gowns with high slits from archives or shop for new and comfy dresses. This allows air circulation and let’s not forget comfort, you will need a lot of it. 
6. Stick to Bright colors 
Bright colors help you stand out during summer. You will literally look like a ray of sunshine. 



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Author: Abi

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