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Hello from Nigeria: My trip to the motherland

Welcome from Nigeria, the giant of Africa. I just touched down in Abuja, the capital city, for the first time since the pandemic started. I grew up here and you can say I was a little homesick.  I will be dropping highlights from my trip and covering "how to travel to Nigeria to the USA during a pandemic?" and "How to enjoy Abuja like a local?"

Flight to Nigeria, Empty Plane, Mask and Shield on Flight

 An excited me anticipating my touch down in Abuja.

How to travel to Nigeria to the USA during a pandemic?

I flew from California from U.S. to Nigeria over a 27-hour trip: 11-hour flight to London, 10-hour layover at an empty Heathrow airport, and a 6-hour flight to Abuja. It went smoothly. I had to get a negative COVID test result before arrival in Abuja and another on 7th day of arrival in Nigeria. 

How to enjoy Abuja like a local?

1. Get some fruits, they are everywhere. Pro tip, if you happen to be in Nigeria during the Agbalumo (African Star Apple) season, you don't know how lucky you are. This fruit comes out once in a year and it is one of the unique fruits given to Nigerians by nature.

2. Savor local delicacies from all over the country. One thing you have to hand over to Nigerians is the good food. Abuja is known for having restuarants nested in gardens. Not only do you have varieties of food, they are also aesthetically pleasing. Trust me, it is more delicious than in pictures, the pictures don't do justice. 
Palmwine and grilled fish in foil

3. Look the part with an Afro-centric hairstyle: If you are visiting Nigeria to visit, you may also want to look the part. Nigerian artisans or hair dressers are a bundle of talents, you have a hair salon everywhere.  Oh, and the 2-piece that I am wearing is Bukky and still available.


Get the Bukky 2-piece here

4. Get some African prints:  Another thing to love about Nigeria is the African prints available. The artisans have a creative and unique way of bringing clothes to life. The picture below shows me shopping for African prints; see how many colourful prints to choose from.

Shoppinf for African Prints


From the food to the prints and people, Nigeria is a wealth of culture and heritage. What’s the one thing you love about Nigeria? Don’t be a stranger in the comment section.

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