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Hello world, Welcome to YTPshop

E kaa bo (Yoruba)
Welcome  (English)
Bonjour (French)

The Brand - YTPshop

As a descendant of the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, it is customary to welcome people whenever you meet them.  YTPshop is a contemporary African-inspired fashion brand for women and is designed by Yinka Taiwo-Peters, a Nigerian immigrant in the U.S.  

All YTPshop products are ethically handcrafted by female artisans in Nigeria and the prints are carefully sourced from West African markets. Keeping the clothing production in Nigeria helps to grow the local economy and keep our products authentic. Every YTPshop product is truly a gift to the artisans, whose families depend on their fair wages, in the motherland. YTPshop is based and ships worldwide from the U.S.

Africa is a goldmine of aesthetic beauty and YTPshop aims at bringing a piece of the motherland closer to you. We not only buy African, but also empower women 

 The founder - Yinka Taiwo-Peters

Born in Nigeria, bred in several countries, and educated in the U.S., Yinka Taiwo-Peters (aka YTP)  is a global citizen that is passionate about fashion, technology and entrepreneurship. As the demand for authentic African-inspired fashion rose globally, Yinka founded YTPshop without formal fashion training in 2017. 

Founder, Yinka Taiwo-Peters, African fashion print founder

Today, Yinka combines her extensive technology experience with her business training to support YTPshop's network of female tailors that handcraft each piece under fair trade practices in Nigeria. 

Yinka has an MBA from The Wharton School, MPH from Yale University, and Bachelor's degree from Wesleyan University. She also sits on the board of a Nigerian non-profit organization for youth advocacy

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