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How to Dress for a Nigerian wedding, YTP style

Nigerian weddings are known for the hype, fashion, food, music and of course fun. A Nigerian wedding is, a typical Nigerian has two weddings, the traditional and the religious wedding. The traditional is expected to infuse Nigerian cultural elements with the bride and groom in African traditional attire.  The religious on the other hand involves a blend of western culture and is often dubbed "white wedding" by Nigerian Christians.

Now, it is time to bring out the Yoruba in me. Yorubas (one of the three major ethnic tribes in Nigeria) love to party. During my trip, I was fortunate to attend a wedding of a close friend in Abuja. Want to see my Nigerian wedding escapade? Keep reading. 

My outfit

I pulled up to the reception of the Church wedding with a custom made YTPshop dress and Petals fascinator. 

Do you like the fascinator? I have a plug and there is only one left


The Food

Ofada rice with moin moin and stewed catfish

I was served ofada rice, a local delicacy of unpolished rice from the Yorubas, stewed Cat fish and moin moin. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting this meal, you will agree that it is yummy. I love Nigerian weddings because there is always enough food to go around.

The People 


Then, I turned up for my friend’s wedding with other friends. (P/S, I got my vaccine even before attending the wedding)I got to reconnect with my old friends and family. It truly was an amazing wedding. I look forward to more weddings for me to slay.

Will I miss Nigeria? Definitely, the people, the culture, the glam. There is definitely a lot to miss. 

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