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How to Wash and Care for Your African Print Clothing

Now you have your African print clothing, how do you maintain it to make sure it lasts for many years? At YTPshop, our clothing can last for years with proper maintainance.

In many African cultures, people pass on their garments or prints from generation to generation. To pass on the prints, they have to be properly maintained. 

Yinka (our founder) at two years in her native attire, which was passed down from her grandmother

To ensure the longevity of your African print clothing, there are two major methods to wash and care for Your African Print Clothing

A. You can handwash yourself

B. You can get it professionally washed or dryclean

However, type of African print that you have is what determines the method that you useWe have two categories of African prints: the African silk and the African wax cotton also popularly known as Ankara. The African silk can go into the washing machine while the African wax cannot go into the washing machine.

Left, Vara dress  (African wax cotton)
Right,  Funmi maxi dress with high slit  (African silk print)

For African Wax Cotton also known as Ankara print

  1. Handwash your print with mild soap or professionally dryclean
  2. Sundry for handwash to remove the dampness
  3. Iron your print on the inside

    For African Silk Print

    1. Machine wash or handwash with mild soap
    2. Machine dry but no tumble dry
    3. Can be worn without ironing

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