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It's Always Summer - A Timeless Photoshoot

It’s Always Summer, timeless and ever green. When I visited Nigeria for the first time since the pandemic, I also did a photoshoot that highlights the essence of the motherland. Our YTPshop team helped to organise the shoot with other creative geniuses.

The photoshoot shows the evergreen nature of YTPshop's products. It's Always Summer in the motherland as well, with the temperature over 100 °F daily when I visited.

Summer symbolizes a feeling of freedom, excitement, and another chance, especially in 2021, given last year's summer lockdown. This year, summer feels like we have another chance to be outside.

Petals wrap peplum Blazer Yellow and White 

The ever green nature of the African print aesthetics would always make every woman wearing YTPshop a confident woman. We want every woman wearing YTPshop to feel like its always summer, always excited, always liberated because YTPshop women are not only confident women but also free women.

Bukky 2 piece and the Funmi maxi dress with high slit 

I collaborated with other Nigerian creatives and here is what you should know if you want to have a brand photoshoot in Nigeria.

1. African prints 
There is no YTPshop without African prints. For your photoshoot in Nigeria, you should incorporate African prints to provide cultural identity to the photoshoot. For us at YTPshop, it is a given because that is the core of our products.
Check out the instagram page for lit pictures and videos on the shoot. 

2. Photography 
Photographers are key to a successful photoshoot. If you are going to have a photoshoot, I will recommend that you come up with a vision board for the photographer and also share a checklist of moments you want to capture during the shoot. While the photographer is great at taking your pictures and editing it, don't forget. they are partners in bringing your vision to life but may not necessarily know what you are thinking if you don't share your vision board with them.  


 Vara dress

3. The Sun 
The sun was very bright with the temperature rising above 100.00 °F. The advantage of this is, the sunlight is great for high quality pictures, however, the temperature creates heats during the outdoor photoshoot. This can have an impact on your makeup and general temperature.
Based on personal experience, I will advice the photoshoot to be done earlier in the day to get great pictures and reduce the effect of the sun.

4. Makeup 
For the photoshoot, we decided to go with minimal make up that amplifies the beauty of our models versus distorting what their natural look is like. 
Nigerian makeup artists are very talented and are also familiar with the extreme heat that comes with the Nigerian sun. They know how to make your make-up stay beat all day. 

It was fun bringing this campaign to life, which part of it is your favorite? 


creative director: @ytpglobal

styling and coordination: @el_mirastyling

photography: @cognitostudiosphotography

YTPbabes: @victoria_jumai @lilyanhills @ytpglobal


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