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How my mom inspired our bestselling product, the Funmi Dress

Our Funmi dress is the bestseller and we've looked for reasons why this dress has the most love from people. It keeps coming down to the fact that the dress was named after my mother. Before I tell you more about this dress, I need to tell you who my mother is. 

A  picture from my childhood with my mother 

Her name is Funmi, a Nigerian name in Yoruba language that translates to “for me” or “give me.” My mother is the one who gave me the mental and moral support to start this brand, when I had only $200 and no formal fashion training back in 2017. Her name is Funmi and she was the one that saw this dress and gave me the courage to produce it for other women to wear with confidence. 

 Me in my Fummi maxi dress with high slit 

Just like my mother, the Funmi dress symbolizes strength, freedom and everything YTPshop represents. My mom single handedly raised me as a single mother. Although my mother is a strong woman, she is a shy woman but outspoken when she has to protect me. 

Today, the Funmi dress is the best selling dress and has sold in over 20 countries till date.

Have you gotten yours yet? We are still producing in small quantities because we continue to receive the demand 

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Author: YTP

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