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Top 5 holiday fits for you 

The holiday season is upon us, and we've compiled clothing ideas to get you started, from family dinners to parties with your friends. 

1. Short Dresses

African inspired short dresses gives up a festive holiday vibe asides from being stylish and comfy. 

2. Long Dresses

The typical holiday wardrobe combination is long dresses with heels. This combination is elegant, sweet, and simple. 

3. Maxi Skirts 

You can go for a maxi skirt instead of the traditional Christmas gown. It's simple to pair with a fitted top. 

4. Comfy tops 

Comfy and loose fitting clothes during the holiday gives your body room to breathe.. This type of clothing is less irritating to the skin and supports general body movement. 

5. Jumpsuit 

A jumpsuit has multiple personalities such as casual, stylish and elegant all at the same time. African print in a jumpsuit is a colorful and bold fashion statement which is a great choice for the holiday season. 

Which of the holiday fit ideas are you going for this season?


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Author: Abi

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