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Top 5 Outdoor Outfit Ideas For You

The outdoors is open with several hangouts and events around the corner. You can stay safe while looking elegant and comfortable at outdoor events. Here are a few African inspired looks and suggestions we put together for you to select from. 

1. Sleeveless Dresses 

Due to the warm weather, we recommend wearing short sleeve or no sleeve dresses. This style helps to minimise you from getting all sweaty while you are outdoors.

The wemmy maxi dress with high slit (African print)

2. Short Dresses 

It is easy to move around in short dresses while blending with the outdoor aesthetics. 

3. Maxi Dresses 

There is not a more elegant look than a flowy dress with bold prints that accentuates your beauty. It is flattering on every body type. Channel those elegant and royal vibes with a maxi dress with a high slit.

4. Crop Tops 

For a youthful look, we recommend a crop top with denim pants that could be skinny or bootcut. 

5. Off- shoulder top 

Similar to the crop tops, off shoulder tops are still elegant, but they are also more forgiving and can also help minimise the parts of your body that are being exposed if you are not looking to expose your midriff. 


Don’t forget to take pictures of your outdoor memories. Feel free to add more ideas in the comment section.


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Author: Abi

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