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Our Story

 “wear sunshine”- Yinka Taiwo-Peters 

The Brand 

YTPshop is an African-inspired clothing brand designed by Nigerian-born and USA-based Yinka Taiwo-Peters. The brand celebrates the authentic African experience and adorns confident women with bold aesthetics and colors.
With teams in the North America and Africa, all YTPshop products are ethically handmade by female artisans in Nigeria, the prints are authentically sourced from West African markets and products are shipped from the USA. YTPshop has been featured in several publications and fashion shows across the world.



The Founder

Yinka Taiwo-Peters founded YTPshop in 2017 with no formal fashion training and with only $200. Born and raised with humble beginnings in Lagos, Nigeria, she has lived in the USA for over a decade. When she is not designing for YTPshop, Yinka is also a Product Manager in the tech industry. Yinka combines her extensive technology experience with her business training to support YTPshop's network of female tailors that handcraft each product with fair trade practices. A lifelong learner and multi-passionate professional, Yinka has an MBA from The Wharton School, MPH from Yale University, and Bachelor's degree from Wesleyan University.


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