About Us

After many years of gifting my friends with chic African-inspired clothing, I started YTPshop to spread my love for African fashion with the world. Beyond an apparel brand, YTPshop aims to promote awareness of the diverse cultures across Africa. It is a source of social awareness and economic empowerment. 
All YTPshop products are crafted by gifted hands in Nigeria and the fabrics are carefully sourced from West African markets. YTPshop products are made with high-quality material, cutting edge tailoring, vibrant colors, and are affordably priced.  Keeping the production in Nigeria helps to grow the local African economy and keep our products authentic. Every YTPshop product is truly a gift to the fabric vendors, artisans, partners in the motherland, and to YOU!

Purchase: Get some YTPshop goodies and be ready to receive tons of compliments wearing YTPshop because wearing African is the [new] cool. 

Wholesale: Enjoy greater discounts with wholesale purchases for resale. See our wholesale agreement and terms of sale here.

Host: We are excited to collaborate with both physical and online marketplaces, fashion events, exhibitions or other vendor platforms.

Partner: We encourage vendors and artisans of similar products in our store to contact us for production partnership
Send us an email - ytpshop@gmail.com - or contact us online